15 College Degrees That Won’t Exist in 20 Years


While it’s true to say that times always have and always will change, the speed at which change is happening right now really is remarkable. This is particularly true when it comes to technology – both the kind we now take for granted at home and the kind of tech that’s taking over the workplace. For the most part this is a good thing. But it is also inevitably putting a growing number of professional positions, and associated college degree programs, in jeopardy.

Even now, computers on a global basis are performing the kinds of jobs that would traditionally have called for the employment of millions of human beings. For the businesses using them, the pay-off is better, faster, more reliable and cheaper results. For the workers that would have taken these jobs, it means a loss of job opportunities.

But such is the pace of change these days that in the not-too-distant future, there are even quite a few college degrees that are likely to become obsolete. After all, there’s no sense in studying the kinds of subjects for which there’s no practical or professional purpose upon completion.

So while it might be a little unnerving to read, take a look at the following list of 15 College Degrees That Won’t Exist in 20 Years:

#1 Pharmacy

Source: visionpharmacy.org.uk

As the world becomes increasingly more digitized, the role of the conventional pharmacist could be phased out entirely. Doctors produce electronic prescriptions, these prescriptions can be dispensed automatically by machines and everything from repeat prescriptions to home deliveries are now being controlled and managed by computers. Sooner or later, it is unlikely that we will be seeing a great many human pharmacists whatsoever.