15 Vehicles It’s Illegal To Drive in the US


In terms of which vehicles should and should not be allowed on the roads, everyone has their own unique opinions. To some, gas-guzzling trucks and oversized SUVs really have no place on public roads. To others, anything that’s tiny and prone to being piloted at 7mph on the highways should be banned.

And when it comes to cyclists…well, that’s a subject best kept to one side as far as the sentiments of most drivers go!

But then there’s the school of vehicles which, for a variety of reasons, those in charge of making the laws we all live by have decided are no good for us. They may be legal to drive in some places, but here in the US are banned for use on the roads. The interesting thing being that you’d probably never spot the reason why, just by taking a look at them or even taking them for a spin.

Not that you’d want to of course…they’re all illegal!

So just in case you’d ever wondered…which of course you have…here’s a quick rundown of just 15 Vehicles It’s Illegal To Drive in the US:

#1 1993 Jaguar XJ220-S

Credit: hgmsites.net

Whichever way you look at it, any car that’s ever been declared the fastest car on Earth – even for a brief time – is something truly awesome. In the case of the Jaguar XJ220S, only six of these strictly-limited models were every created, of which only ONE was ever permitted to enter the United States. The other five are illegal here.