The 20 Most Heavily Armed US States


Over recent years, the United States of America has had to ask a series of important questions about gun laws for all the wrong reasons. School shootings, mass murder and random acts of hideous violence once again casting the subject of firearms ownership into the spotlight.

As always, some believe that the solution lies in restricting access to firearms on a national basis. By contrast, others believe that in many of the most horrific incidents, the perpetrators could have been neutralized much quicker if those present were carrying firearms. Suffice to say, it’s a debate that isn’t going anywhere in the near future at least.

But regardless of personal opinions and viewpoints, it’s always interesting to look at which north American states have taken to gun ownership above and beyond others. Suffice to say, there is a massive difference from one state to the next, when it comes to exactly how many people own firearms.

In one state, there’s one gun out in circulation for every five people…but which state is it?

So if you’ve ever wondered if your own state makes the list, check out the following rundown of the 20 Most Heavily Armed US States and see where (or if) yours ranks:

#20. South Carolina – 11.6 guns per 1,000 residents – 55,286 registered firearms