21 Cars That Give You 250,000+ Miles


As far as some people are concerned, choosing the right car is all about power and performance. Just as long as it goes fast, nothing else matters. For others, it’s all about comfort and refinement. They see getting to the destination as something to be enjoyed, rather than hurried as much as feasibly possible. And then there are those for whom speed and luxury aren’t all-that important, just as long as they get there in an economical fashion.

Fuel-economy is one thing, but driving a car that outlives most others is something else entirely. Of course, most cars these days are designed to go the distance – going 250,000 and then some being a pretty rare achievement though. When you think about it, a quarter of a million miles is pretty epic going for any car. It’s not far off ten-times around the world!

Or to put it a more sensible way, 25 years of (mostly) carefree driving for motorists who average around 10,000 miles a year. Even when the initial purchase price isn’t particularly cheap, you really can’t knock this kind of value for money.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief rundown of 21 Cars That Give You 250,000+ Miles…and then some:

#21. Honda Odyssey

Credit: wikimedia.org

First up, the Honda Odyssey is the perfect example of a vehicle that proves what longevity is all about. Boasting a robust V6 3.5-liter engine and a whole bunch of space for people and cargo, these things routinely cruise beyond the 250,000-mile mark with ease. If you’re all about family-friendly reliability, you won’t be disappointed.