Asia Pacific Fund, Inc. (The) (NYSE:APB) Experiences Lighter than Average Trading Volume


301 shares changed hands on Tuesday. Trading volume was down 94.29% under the stocks average daily volume. Investors are feeling more bearish on Asia Pacific Fund, Inc. (The) of late as evidenced by the increase in short interest. The stock experienced a rise in short interest of 71.00% as of the latest report on September 15, 2017. Short shares increased from 8,773 to 15,002 over that period.

The following firms have recently changed their position in APB. Ancora Advisors, LLC downsized its holdings by selling 15,983 shares a decrease of 95.7% from 03/31/2017 to 06/30/2017. Ancora Advisors, LLC controls 715 shares with a value of $9,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 95.6%. As of quarter end Brinker Capital Inc had sold a total of 975 shares trimming its position 2.6%. The value of the investment in Asia Pacific Fund, Inc. (The) went from $465,000 to $481,000 a change of $16,000 for the reporting period.

Ubs Group Ag reduced its stake by shedding 601 shares a decrease of 30.2% in the quarter. Ubs Group Ag owns 1,386 shares worth $18,000. The value of the position overall is down by 25.0%. As of the end of the quarter Deschutes Portfolio Strategy, LLC had disposed of 4,788 shares trimming its holdings by 2.7%. The value of the investment in (APB) increased from $2,172,000 to $2,247,000 a change of 3.5% quarter to quarter.

The company is so far trading up from yesterday’s close of 13.88. Company shares last traded at $14.13 marginally over the 50 day moving average of $13.63 and which is a tad above the 200 day moving average of $12.87. The 50 day moving average was up $0.50 or +3.63% whereas the 200 day moving average was up $1.26 or +9.81%.

The Asia Pacific Fund, Inc. (the Fund) is a diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund?s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investment of at least 80% of investable assets in equity securities of companies in the Asia Pacific countries..