BlackBerry Seeks to Capitalize on Massive Enterprise Mobility Push in India

BlackBerry Seeks to Capitalize on Massive Enterprise Mobility Push in IndiaIndia remains one of the very few major markets left with a genuine interest in BlackBerry, which could be intensified going forward as the nation’s push for mobile mobility accelerates.

Businesses across India are championing enterprise mobility as a key priority going forward, a new survey has confirmed. Carried out by CMR in conjunction with corporate Smartphone powerhouse BlackBerry, the India Enterprise Mobility study sought to quantify the level of interest Indian organizations have in implementing or furthering an existing mobile policy.

The results were conclusive to say the least – a full 71% of businesses surveyed stated that they were either in the planning stages of rolling out a mobile policy or were indeed already running one. The overall benefits of business mobility seemed to be agreed on unanimously, thought those yet to implement such policies for the most part insisted that the biggest challenge of all was committing to a single specific and ideal platform.

“The era of mobile enterprise has arrived,” said CMR analyst Apalak Ghosh.

“An entire ecosystem needs to be developed to support enterprise mobility. Design, development, deployment and maintenance of devices and applications will assume critical importance in this process,”

“The report presents exciting opportunities for enterprise mobility vendors and attempts to provide a direction to enterprises to align their mobile policy to address the new requirements.

Of course, the surge in mobility interest from corporate markets could prove invaluable for BlackBerry, for whom the Indian market remains one of very few remaining strongholds.

“As the perenial Gold Standard in enterprise mobility solutions, BlackBerry is constantly looking at new opportunities and avenues to further strengthen our enterprise offerings and address the growing complexities and risks of mobile communication,” said BlackBerry India Managing Director Sunil Lalvani.

“We believe this report will highlight the disruption taking place in communication across enterprises as it offers compelling insights as well as a future roadmap for the industry at large. Mobility as an enabler for enterprises has become a business imperative and BlackBerry is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end mobility solutions.”

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