GTA 5 Spring Updates Roll Out, But PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Dates Still MIA

GTA 5 Spring Updates Roll Out, But PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Dates Still MIAGrand Theft Auto 5 players can expect to create more custom levels and enjoy a wealth of other new features, thanks to a round of spring updates Rockstar Games will be rolling out in the coming weeks, but gamers hoping for a release date or other details surrounding Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the bestselling title still don’t have anything to look forward to by way of a concrete release date or confirmation of future availability.

One spring update, according to Rockstar, would allow GTA Online gamers to use the custom level creator to map out jobs and distribute them to other players – this feature is simply, and rather descriptively called Capture Jobs.  The list of vehicles and clothes gamers can purchase with their in-game currency is also set to be upgraded this spring, and GTA 5 players can also own more than one property in the game’s online universe.  More jobs should also follow through the aforementioned spring update.  Other things gamers can expect include cooperative heist support, new downloadable content, and a few “holiday-themed updates,” as well as a feature that should further encourage multiplayer gaming – players who give feedback regarding other players’ jobs may be rewarded accordingly through the updates.

This looks all well and good as GTA 5 is closing in on its seventh month since its record-breaking debut for PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers, but at the moment, Rockstar is as cagey as it gets when it comes to providing information on PC and present-generation console versions.  A recent petition from an American gamer lobbied for Rockstar not to release a PC version, though it’s been months since that petition had gone up and the prevailing sentiment remains in favor of a PC port, not to mention those long-awaited PS4 and Xbox One release dates.

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