Pilot makes first-ever jetpack flight around Statue of Liberty


Pilot makes first-ever jetpack flight around Statue of LibertyThere are so many ways to see the Statue of Liberty, but have you ever tried checking it out via jetpack? That’s what entrepreneur David Mayman did, as he became the first individual to fly around the Statue of Liberty wearing such a contraption.

The JetPack Aviation CEO and lead test pilot documented his flight around New York City’s iconic statue in a recent video, describing his flight as being “controlled and sustained.” And while he didn’t come extremely close to the Statue of Liberty, the fact remains that he was fairly close, but nonetheless safe as he became the first man to pull off such a feat around Lady Liberty.

We still don’t know if this is a hype video, considering JetPack Aviation will soon be releasing the JB-9 to the public. Then again, all indications point to the stunt being a way to drum up support, even if for the uninitiated, it looks like one man’s attempt to fulfill a childhood fantasy and little else.

“It was an incredible experience, one I have been dreaming of since I was a young boy,” said Mayman, adding that the JB-9 was over 40 years in the making, having started out in 1969 as a civilian rocket belt created by his business partner, Nelson Tyler. “We have just proved that personal flight is a reality. It’s here and we will stay at the forefront of this.”