PS4 Edges Xbox One in February Sales Figures from NPD

PS4 Edges Xbox One in February Sales Figures from NPDIf you ask Microsoft, it will probably say that the Xbox One is the best-selling present-generation video game console in the market.  Likewise, Sony will likely hype the class-leading sales of its PlayStation 4.  Official figures from NPD DisplaySearch have shown the PS4 as the better seller of the two, but based on its February 2014 report, Microsoft appears to be gaining ground on Sony, as the PS4 sold only 10 percent more consoles than the Xbox One last month.

A tweet from Wall Street Journal writer Ian Sherr had indicated the difference in sales percentage between the PS4 and Xbox One, and it wasn’t long after when Sony had posted its own tweet, saying that “PS4 is number one again for the month, and (in) cumulative sales, in the United States.”  Microsoft, on the other hand, found a way to skewer the numbers to its favor, saying that combined Xbox 360 and Xbox One sales have Microsoft leading Sony in general with a 43 percent share of the video gaming console market.

Microsoft’s statement may have truth in it, as the Redmond, Wash. company had edged Sony in terms of overall console sales in January (combined Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but even then, the PS4 was still the best-selling piece of individual hardware.  As Titanfall and the Xbox One Titanfall bundle have just arrived in stores as of March 11, it will be interesting to see how the March numbers turn out, as Titanfall is the kind of game many are considering a game-changer, perhaps one that could boost Microsoft’s Xbox One to the top spot and increase Microsoft’s supposed lead in overall console sales.

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