Survey – PS4 Owners Happier with Gaming Experience than Xbox One Owners

Survey – PS4 Owners Happier with Gaming Experience than Xbox One OwnersA new survey from long-running video gaming site GameSpot suggests that PlayStation 4 users have had a better electronic experience with their console purchase than those who had opted for the Xbox One.

GameSpot surveyed a total of 3,950 GameSpot and GameFAQs users between December 5 and December 10, each of which were asked to rate the Xbox One and PS4, depending on which console they own, in terms of customer satisfaction.  The PS4 did quite well, averaging 8.71 out of 10, which was half a point ahead of the Xbox One, which graded out at 8.20 out of 120.  Though this looks like another preliminary battle won by the PS4, both scores are very good and suggest that new-generation console gamers are quite satisfied with the new hardware.

None of the nearly 4,000 respondents said that they were “Extremely Dissatisfied” with the PS4 or Xbox One.  39 percent of respondents gave perfect 10 of 10 scores to the PS4, meaning that they are “Extremely Satisfied” with the machine, while 33 percent of Xbox One gamers had similar sentiments about their console.  Combining the share of Extremely Satisfied customers, this rating was the most common response for all gamers surveyed by GameSpot.

All told, the survey points to customers being happy with the hardware, even if they may not be happy with some games, Battlefield 4 being a classic example.  What could be more interesting, though, is how GameSpot’s future surveys may pan out for both the Xbox One and PS4; according to the site, scores may likely “normalize a little lower” over the next few months.

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