Track Your Keys, Car or Dog With This Epic Invention!


Unless you’re some kind of superhuman or evil genius, chances are you lose your phone from time to time. In most instances, it turns out to be somewhere totally obvious…your pocket or bag, even. In others, somewhere a bit odd…maybe the fridge or an inexplicable corner in the office.

But how about losing your car? Not that it’s something most people tend to do often, but even once is bad enough. If you’ve ever returned to find your car not where you left it, you’ll know how awful it can be. The cops have made plenty of advances when it comes to tracking stolen cars, but to be frank, there are still way too many holes in the system.

So…what if we could tell you that it’s now possible to track your car with pinpoint accuracy and in real-time, using the Smartphone in your pocket? Too good to be true? Not at all…it’s a thing anyone can do right now with a tiny new tracking device.

And even if your car doesn’t go missing as such, you can still use it to track your kids when they borrow the car for those totally legit errands! Or maybe you’ve got a cat or dog that has a habit of going off wandering on its own! Or if you’ve not exactly got a world of trust for your significant other…well, you can probably figure the rest out!

Check it out for yourself in this slideshow – we know you’ll be impressed!

What Is It?


Measuring in at about the same size as a QUARTER, the device is called the TrackR. It’s already making a big name for itself all over the world as a potentially revolution in personal security and property protection. Whatever you want to keep an eye on, TrackR can make it happen – 24/7!