$500 Lonzo Ball Basketball Shoes? America Says…No Thanks!

When Lonzo Ball unleashed his family’s latest overpriced creation on the world last week, his dad seemed to think they were set to be a success story in the making.  Despite being priced at a whopping $495, LaVar seemed confident that the family’s Big Baller Brand would sell a pretty impressive stockpile of the new basketball shoes.

“If you can’t afford the ZO2s,” he wrote on Twitter, prior to the original message being shared or liked tens of thousands of times, “you’re NOT a BIG BALLER!”

True enough, as it’s really not like most of us would be interested in spending this kind of cash on a novelty.  Not only this, but if the initial reaction to the shoes is anything to go by, even the biggest of big ballers don’t seem to be particularly interested in picking up the $500 footwear.

$500 Lonzo Ball Basketball Shoes? America Says…No Thanks!

During the first week, a total of the 500 pairs were ordered, covering the three new models of shoes and sandals available.  The base model apparently sold to the tune of 356 pairs, while 121 pairs of the ZO2: Wet were also snapped up.  The latter being supplied in a display case lit by LED lights and sporting autographs in gold ink – all for an even more ludicrous price of $995.

All of which doesn’t paint quite the positive picture some had expected, given the way in which the video ad declaring the arrival of the shoes was quickly watched more than 1.1 million times.  A fair few athletes (and the usual contingency of show offs) shared snapshots of their orders on social media after placing them, while others lashed out at the unjustifiable prices.

In any case, the orders received to date have nowhere near mirrored the kind of hype generated on social media, prior to the shoes going on sale.  It seems that even when social media is set alight with pre-launch hysteria, the vast majority of people would rather spend $100 on more sensible footwear and keep the $400 change in their pockets.