Burger King to Roll Out ‘Grilled Dogs’ Across America This Month

Hot dogs – not exactly the first thing you think of when heading out to one of the world’s leading burger chains. But then again, it’s becoming the norm these days to thrown out anything and everything with a chance of injecting fast food menu offerings with new life.

Cutting to the chase, fans of all-beef wieners are about to be thrown a bone by Burger King…no pun intended…when the company’s awesome-looking ‘Grilled Dogs’ go on sale nationwide on February 23. And when you think about it, the flame grilling method used to give Burger King products their signature flavor (and edge over the competition in the eyes of millions) makes the addition of hot dogs something of a no-brainer.

“This is probably the most obvious product launch ever,” beamed president of Burger King North America, Alex Macedo.

Burger King to Roll Out 'Grilled Dogs' Across America This Month

And it’s not some flash-in-the-pan (no pun intended) project limited to a few experimental units only. Quite to the contrary, every single one of the 7,000+ Burger King locations will soon be selling hot dogs as standard. This will undoubtedly come as less-then fantastic news for the folks at Sonic Drive-In and Dairy Queen, which until now have pretty much had free run of things in the hot dog arena.

Will it make a difference? Well, brand bosses are clearly hoping so, as key rivals like McDonald’s and Wendy’s continue making radical changes to their own menus and meal deals. 2014 was a pretty decent year for Burger King with a 2.1% increase in sales nationwide, but ongoing evolution is essential in remaining relevant long-term.

The dogs have already been tested in a number of locations across the country, where aside from apparently being rather on the small side generally yielded positive feedback. Not that this necessarily guarantees the overall success of the King Dog (it’ll actually be called the Grilled Dog). Pretty much every fast food joint going has attempted to roll out something radical and new, only for it to fail miserably in no time at all.

Case in point – Burger King’s short-lived low-calorie Satisfries…the less said about those, the better!

They also apparently tried another odd rollout that never amounted to anything.

“At some point, they tried popcorn,” said Macedo.

“They would give it away for free to guests in the restaurants. I wasn’t here, but I hear a lot about the popcorn days.”

Expect a Chili Cheese version of the Grilled Dog to land o launch day, selling for $2.39 and packing 330 calories. The classic version will be topped with relish, onions, mustard and ketchup – 310 calories of tastiness for $1.99.