Current Mortgage Rates at Commerce Bank, PHH Mortgage Feb 16, 2017

Current  Mortgage Rates at Commerce Bank, PHH Mortgage Feb 16, 2017

Commerce Bank

The benchmark 30 year FRM interest rates are available starting at 4.375% at Commerce Bank and an APR of 4.480%.  Popular 15 year loan interest rates have been offered at 3.500% yielding an APR of 3.643% today.  

10 year loan deals have been quoted at 3.250% today yielding an APR of 3.456%.  20 year loans are available starting at 4.125% at the bank today carrying an APR of 4.268%.  

As far as ARMs go, 5 year deals are on the books at 3.250% at Commerce showing an APR of 3.592%.  The 7 year ARMs are on the books at 3.500%  with a starting APR of 3.666%.  

On the topic of stocks, Commerce’s own stock improved to 58.23 up +0.12%.  

PHH Mortgage

The best 30 year loans at PHH Mortgage are 4.125% and APR of 4.191% today.  The short term, popular 15 year FRMs have been published at 3.710% and APR of 3.894%.  

10 year loans stand at 3.710% at the bank carrying an APR of 3.976%.  The best 20 year loan deals at the bank start at 4.220% today and an APR of 4.367%.  

In the ARM arena, 5 year deals at PHH Mortgage are coming out at 3.875% with a starting APR of 4.059%.  The 7 year ARMs are coming out at 3.875% today with a starting APR of 4.045%.  10 year ARM interest rates have been published at 4.190% currently with an APR of 4.225%.  

Home Refinance Interest Rates

30 year refinance loan deals at PHH Mortgage are published at 3.50% and APR of 3.723%.  Shorter term 15 year refinance loan interest rates are 2.75% at the bank yielding an APR of 3.239% today.  7/1 ARM interest rates stand at 2.625% today carrying an APR of 3.141%.  

Now PHH Mortgage’s own stock ticker lost ground to 14.57 down -1.29%.