iPhone 8: Analyst Predicts One Big and Expensive Disappointment

For many years now, Apple’s annual stock performance has been based largely on the success of the iPhone.  Each year has seen sometimes significant, often modest improvements to the iconic handset, which has in almost every iteration proved to be spectacularly successful.

This time around however, there is much debate as to whether the iPhone 8 will in fact be able to generate the same kind of hype and demand as prior models. For its tenth anniversary, the next iPhone is predicted to sport a number of new features including a curved screen and an overhauled exterior design.

On one side of the fence, anticipation of the iPhone 8 has led to an extremely early and presumptuous leap in stock prices over recent months.  Since November, share prices for Apple have increased an impressive 15% – performance since May 2016 having been even more impressive with a whopping 36% increase in share values.  As far as Wall Street is concerned, the iPhone 8 looks set to be explosively successful, which should pre- and post-launch work wonders for Apple’s stocks.

iPhone 8: Analyst Predicts One Big and Expensive Disappointment

But at the same time, there are some who believe that quite the opposite could prove to be the case. Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz, for example, penned a letter to investors this week stating that he personally believes that the iPhone 8 will not prove to be nearly as successful as expected and is already being over-hyped.  Specifically, he spoke of being “skeptical of a meaningful growth rebound manifesting later this year.”

Meanwhile, patent filings picked up on this week suggests that big changes could be in store for the Apple Watch in the very near future.  Rather than existing as a single unit, the Apple Watch’s strap looks set to become modular, meaning that it could soon accommodate additional components such as new displays and readouts, cameras and more.