iWatch Release Details – Device Might Hit Stores in 2015 at Premium Price Point

iWatch Release Details – Device Might Hit Stores in 2015 at Premium Price PointThe latest purported iWatch release details seem to point to an arrival several months ahead of its actual release date, as well as a price tag that may exceed that of your average Android smartwatch.

In a report from earlier in the week, Re/Code said that the iPhone 6 launch event on September 9 may also include the unveiling of Apple’s rumored smartwatch product, the iWatch.  But while the iPhone 6 may be ready for release just ten days after the reveal, that might not be the case for its companion device.  A follow-up report from Re/Code said on Friday that the iWatch release may take place in 2015, which actually matches up with reports that production will begin in the fall, most probably in November.

The reason behind Apple possibly delaying the release date of its new smartwatch is not clear yet, but some have speculated that production and supply issues may be at the root of things.  The iPhone 6, after all, had recently been rumored to be encountering some manufacturing woes, and it’s still widely expected that there may be some shortages when Apple releases the new flagship phone by the middle of next month.  Still, the iWatch’s release taking place months after its arrival isn’t that peculiar, considering that Apple’s last Mac Pro hit stores over half a year following its introduction.

In addition to an early 2015 release date, Re/Code also said that it is mooting a price tag of $400 for the iWatch, which would make it over $100 more expensive than devices like the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and possibly the Moto 360 as well.  Sources close to the publication claim that nothing is final yet, and since it’s not sure whether pricing would be included among the iWatch’s release details upon its rumored September arrival, consumers may have to wait a while before more information regarding pricing is teased.