Judge Blocks Implementation of Trump’s Deportation Order

Much to the delight of those who backed his rather radical immigration roadmap, Donald Trump appears to be coming good on his promises.  Despite having been dismissed as rhetoric by a great many critics both at home and worldwide, Trump’s first week in the White House has brought about the enactment of two incredibly controversial measures.

Along with having given the green-light to the $15 billion wall spanning the entire border with Mexico, this weekend saw Trump bring into action what he refers to as “extreme vetting” measures for both first-time visitors to the United States and those seeking re-entry. But despite having only been enacted shortly after 4:30 PM on Saturday, the measure has already been partly overruled by a court judge.

Specifically, Judge Ann M. Donnelly of Federal District Court in Brooklyn ruled that Donald Trump had overstated his power and did not have the right to order the deportation of those refused access to the country. Along with barring entry to the US for citizens of seven Muslim countries and all refugees for the immediate future, Trump also wanted to see a raft of deportations for those affected.

However, Judge Donnelly stated that doing so would mean “irreparable harm” for those affected, arguing that the government was “enjoined and restrained from, in any manner and by any means, removing individuals” from the country and therefore blocked the deportations from happening.

Judge Blocks Implementation of Trump’s Deportation Order

Unfortunately, the ruling did not extend so far as to allow those concerned to enter the country – hundreds of whom remain trapped in US airports with bleak prospects of onward travel.

Perhaps the most controversial element of the new measure is the way in which it also prevents those with legitimate green cards from re-entering the United States – even if this is their permanent home and they had simply been travelling abroad for work, study or vacations.  Saturday evening saw tens of thousands of protesters tape to the streets outside major airports, voicing their criticisms of the Trump Administration which were echoed by a growing number of world leaders.,

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has become the latest to state that she does not agree with Trump’s heavy-handed immigration policy – his supporters by contrast could not be happier with the speed or conviction with which Trump is making good on his promises.