Muck Boots Review – Protective Boots for Men, Women and Children

Muck Boots specializes in high quality, comfortable boots for everyone. They say they have a “standard of comfort and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers around the world.” An easy claim to make but is it true? If you are looking for an answer, then you have come to the right place!

According to the company, each boot in their line has the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort, and the rubber and leather they use are designed to stand up against the toughest conditions: heavy rain, farm work, uneven terrains. This article will investigate if there is any truth on the matter. Plus, as there is a whole load of boots to choose from, I have used my research to break the collection down into different categories, pinpointing the best boots worth your money.

Women’s Boots

Wellington Boots for Harsh Weather and Messy Situations

One of the most popular choices in this category is the Tremont Supreme, boots one buys when they are looking for protection and warmth. The waterproof boots have a soft fleece lining which ensures heat stays inside when worn in weather conditions of -20°F (-30 °C) to 50 °F (10 °C). They also have a dual-density EVA insole providing cushioning and support and a shock-absorbing CR Flex-Foam that molds to the feet. Their sophisticated design and matte rubber allow them to be worn with a wider range of clothing than activewear.

Style and warmth come together with the Tremont Wellie. There is a water-resistant suede upper on the outside and a fleece lining on the inside, providing insulation in temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Suitable for everyday wear, they also feature 4mm of CR flex-foam and an EVA midsole.

If you want your boots to keep you upright on slippery surfaces, the Arctic Ice Mid is the best choice. The boots are constructed using advanced Vibram outsole technology and have Arctic Grip Outsole pods that offer optimal traction on ice and other uneven terrains. They also boast heavy-duty 8mm CR Flex-Foam which is flexible, 100% waterproof, and offers a high level of heat retention. The soft fleece lining inside made them ideal for snow treks in temperatures from -60 °F to 30 °F (-50 °C to -1 °C). The Arctic Ice also comes in a tall version.

Muck boots are not all about snow and cold. The Wetland Women’s is a hunting boot aimed at keeping feet warm and dry, no matter how muddy the land gets! Specifically designed to fit women, they include a 5mm NEOPRENE bootie with four-way stretch nylon and a durable two-color MS-2 molded rubber outsole.

Cowboy Boots For Work and Style

The Women’s Western Leather Boots is just a pleasure to look at. But, besides that, it is a comfortable, durable boot. It is water resistant with Muck Boots DNA for built-in durability and comfort and a rubber outsole for added traction.

The Women’s Ryder II is a more toned down cowboy boot in terms of appearance but is equally as high quality. The horizontal tread pattern is slip resistant and the extended amount of rubber rising up the boot allows for an easier clean. They also have XpressCool™ Lining and 4mm of CR-Flex-Foam.


Juliet is a shorter cowboy boot but what it is lacking in height, it certainly makes up for in cool features. Firstly, they are not just a boot for the winter as XpressCool™ lining will keep feet cool during the warmer months. Also, while the general shape and the materials used to construct cowboy boots can often be uncomfortable, the Juliet has a shock absorbing insole and outsole that provide comfort. 4mm of CR-Flex-Foam also features.

Men’s Muck Boots

Similar to the women’s line, the men’s line has a wide variety of boots that can be split up into different categories.

Wellingtons to Keep the Rain Out

As in the female line, there is also a version of the Arctic Ice for men, offering the same features. Men, like the women, can also opt for the Wetland boot. Men can also choose theArctic Outpost Mid or Tall, which has an extended rubber shell and neoprene shaft. It is 100% waterproof and also boasts improved flexibility and heat retention. Other great features are a fleece lining and a multi-directional outsole tread.

Steel Toe Boots For Workwear and More

The Chore Resistant Tall Steel Toe is a great choice if protection in a boot is your main concern. As if the steel shank, safety toe was not enough, these boots also include a Chore V-Wave outsole with a SR™ slip-resistance compound. Tried and tested, this sole brings the boots an improved slip-resistance rating of 20%. The boots will also protect against most oil-based fluids thanks to the  RDR™ chemical resistant rubber exterior.

The Woody Grit Steel Toe has the look of a hunting boot but more protection thanks to the steel toe. These boots are best in slick, wet, and muddy conditions due to the inclusion of a rubber outsole with an extra strong grip. However, contrary to popular belief, the boots are not heavy at all, instead they offer the wearer breathability, comfort and flexibility.

Another option would be the Muck Grit Steel Toe Work Boot. They aren’t called a work boot for the fun of it; the steel-toe and steel-shank reinforcement actually meets job safety standards in the workplace. On top of that, there is a protective rubber to the exterior that gives abrasion resistance, while the rubber cup outsole provides superior shock absorption and an excellent grip on wet concrete floors or uneven surfaces.

Children’s Muck Boots

Muck does not produce as many options for children but there is a pretty decent choice for consumers. Most of the options are marketed as protection against the elements. For instance, the Kid’s Element is listed by Muck as “perfect for puddle jumping”. It is easy to see why when they are fully waterproof and fleece lined with 5mm of neoprene. Kid’s Cambridge is another puddle-jumper boot, with a slip-resistant outsole and breathable PK mesh lining.

Then we have the outdoor sport and activity boots. The Kid’s Hale are comfort rated from subfreezing to 65 °F (18 °C) and are constructed using soft, flexible, heat-retaining CR Flex-Foam neoprene. They also boast a high-grade rubber exterior for additional toughness and waterproofing. The Kid’s Hale also comes in a patterned option. Another good option is the Kid’s Rugged II. It has added insulation perfect for playing outside.

Some versions of the kid’s boots come with either My Little Pony or Transformers printed on.

Finally, the cutest option of them all is the My First Mucks, the baby bootie. It is a custom baby fit with 2mm Neoprene and warm faux fur lining.

Pros of Muck Boots

  • There are several wellington and wellington-style boots available for men and women for harsh weather conditions. These boots have all or some of the following: heat retainers, have cushioned insoles, shock-absorbing CR Flex-Foam, an EVA midsole, rubber outsole.
  • There are several cowboy boots available for women that are ideal for work and play. Features include a rubber outsole, XpressCool™ Lining, CR-Flex-Foam, a shock absorbing insole.
  • Steel toe boots are available for men which offer great durability and protection. Some of the features of these boots include Chore V-Wave outsole with a SR™ slip-resistance compound, an improved slip-resistance rating of 20%,  RDR™ chemical resistant rubber exterior.
  • Several children’s boots are available. The children’s boots vary in the features they offer: protecting against harsh weather, fully waterproof materials, fleece lining, slip-resistant outsole, breathable PK mesh lining, CR Flex-Foam neoprene.
  • A baby bootie with 2mm Neoprene and warm faux fur lining is available.
  • Each pair of boots comes with a 30-day hassle-free return guarantee.

Cons of Muck Boots

  • There is such thing as too much choice and it is possible the number of options is overwhelming.


Sometimes when I am researching boots I think to myself, “these are almost too good to be true”. This was the case with each of the Muck boots I mentioned within this article. Yet, I couldn’t find anything to dispute the claims made by the company.

My research told me a number of things about Muck boots: one is that they are perfect for all the family, thanks to many options for men, women and kids from little babies to young teens. The boots really do protect against harsh conditions, whether it be a heavy rainfall or a somewhat dangerous workplace (think heavy object falling on the toes). There are also various styles and colours available, to suit even the fussiest consumers. I mean, is there really any need to go beyond the Muck line? Even all the reviews online are great. Most of the sites I read reviews on showed at least 80% of buyers were very satisfied with their purchase. Like I always say, if you have doubts about the brand, see what everyone else is saying. If you are overwhelmed with positive reviews, then they must be doing something right!

So, yes, Muck boots have obtained my seal of approval. It is hard to look beyond them for durability and protection. Do your feet a favour and pick up a pair today – for the entire family!