Moto G Comes and Goes – Link Posted on Motorola Website, Then Quickly Removed

Moto G Comes and Goes – Link Posted on Motorola Website, Then Quickly RemovedLast week, the name “Moto G” was reportedly trademarked by Motorola, which led to a number of different theories.  One theory was that the device would be the Motorola Nexus phone once rumored, but most asserted that this would be the name used for Motorola’s upcoming low-cost variant of the Moto X, a device internally known as the DVX.  And while Moto G rumors haven’t exactly heated up as of late, several sites reported earlier today that the Motorola website got a slight makeover, adding a button named “Moto G.”

Hitting the “Moto G” button would send users to a website (, which isn’t up and running yet.  And while these reports, although wild, suggest that the Moto G does exist and may be coming soon, the link was quickly removed from the Motorola website.  It would appear that this may be another case of “trolling” in advance, or an “accidentally on purpose” update – teasing a rumored product for a few hours, or maybe even a few minutes, before the tease is completely removed from existence.

Rumored specifications of the Moto G/Moto DVX include a 4.5-inch display that doesn’t use Super AMOLED technology, an X8 computing system like the one found on the Moto X and the Verizon-exclusive Droid series, and a 5-megapixel rear camera.  Features reportedly include removable back plates in multiple colors and dual-SIM support.  Pricing, on the other hand, appears a bit too good to be true; early rumors have suggested that the Moto G would cost only $200 to $250 without contract subsidies.