Spotify Officially Kicks-off Its Apple Watch App

Spotify officially kicked-off its new app specifically for Apple Watch users. For the few of you who may not know about Spotify, according to Wikipedia, Spotify is a music streaming platform developed by Swedish company Spotify Technology, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on the NYSE. Spotify launched their service on October 7, 2008. As of August 20, 2018, it is available in 65 regions. It provides DRM-protected content from record labels and media companies.

 But now it will be possible for music fans and owners of an Apple Watch device to listen to their favorite songs from Spotify’s streaming service from their arm. They also will be able to connect from their wrists to their computers and WiFi speakers through Spotify Connect and access their music playlists and other recently played recordings and favorite tracks and a whole lot more.

Spotify updated its iOS app with an Apple Watch app in order for users to control the streaming service from their wrists.

“We know the importance of having music on-the-go, which is why were excited to bring a new Spotify app to our highly mobile users on Apple Watch,” the company said. “With this new app, users can enjoy an improved experience with better control and the ability to seamlessly connect to your speakers or devices.”

The notes released by the App Store reveals this is a “first version “ of the Spotify for Watch app hinting of the possibility for more versions to come down the line.

Confirmation of this comes directly from Spotify which is working on providing users the ability to listen to music and podcasts from their Apple Watch while offline, too. This would be a real coup.

Because of the smartwatch’s tight integration, it makes the Apple Music app the best option for offline audio for now. But that could change if Spotify could provide music without users having to make any changes in switching services.

In the meantime, skipping tracks or rewinding a podcast by 15-second intervals, should you have missed something, can all be done along with playing or stopping the music or podcasts to which you are listening – all from the face of an Apple Watch on your arm!

Spotify says the app is officially live, but users who already have an Apple Watch may not be able to add the Watch app immediately but will be able to in the following weeks.  Then users will be able to experience this new streaming service right from their arm, always listening to music as they go about living their lives.