Tupperware Brands (NYSE:TUP) Upgraded to Hold at Zacks Investment Research

Tupperware Brands (NYSE:TUP) was upgraded by Zacks Investment Research from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating in a report issued on Friday, Zacks.com reports.

According to Zacks, “Tupperware Brands is the leading global marketer of innovative, premium products across multiple brands utilizing a social selling method through an independent sales. Product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home through the Tupperware brand and beauty and personal care products through the Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller Cosmetics, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, and Nuvo brands. Tupperware Brands’ growth comes from its worldwide sales force, and they have made an unwavering commitment to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women and their families across the globe. “

Separately, TheStreet upgraded Tupperware Brands from a “d+” rating to a “c” rating in a research report on Friday, March 15th. Two research analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating and three have given a hold rating to the company. Tupperware Brands presently has an average rating of “Hold” and an average price target of $36.75.

Shares of TUP stock traded down $0.36 during trading hours on Friday, reaching $20.21. 7,522 shares of the company’s stock were exchanged, compared to its average volume of 552,368. The company has a market cap of $1.00 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 4.70, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 0.43 and a beta of 0.96. Tupperware Brands has a 1 year low of $18.19 and a 1 year high of $44.60.

Tupperware Brands (NYSE:TUP) last posted its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, April 24th. The company reported $0.90 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, missing the consensus estimate of $0.91 by ($0.01). The business had revenue of $487.30 million for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $496.60 million. Tupperware Brands had a negative return on equity of 102.79% and a net margin of 7.80%. Tupperware Brands’s revenue for the quarter was down 10.2% compared to the same quarter last year. During the same quarter last year, the business earned $0.91 EPS. Analysts expect that Tupperware Brands will post 4.02 earnings per share for the current year.

Large investors have recently modified their holdings of the company. Marshall Wace LLP acquired a new position in Tupperware Brands during the first quarter worth $1,321,000. BlueMountain Capital Management LLC bought a new position in shares of Tupperware Brands in the first quarter valued at approximately $673,000. Jane Street Group LLC purchased a new stake in Tupperware Brands in the first quarter valued at approximately $233,000. BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd purchased a new stake in Tupperware Brands in the first quarter valued at approximately $506,000. Finally, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC raised its stake in shares of Tupperware Brands by 16.6% during the first quarter. Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC now owns 21,957 shares of the company’s stock worth $562,000 after acquiring an additional 3,123 shares in the last quarter. Institutional investors own 83.48% of the company’s stock.

Tupperware Brands Company Profile

Tupperware Brands Corporation operates as a direct-to-consumer marketer of various products across a range of brands and categories in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, North America, and South America. The company engages in the manufacture and sale of design-centric preparation, storage, and serving solutions for the kitchen and home, as well as a line of cookware, knives, microwave products, microfiber textiles, water-filtration related items, and an array of products for on-the-go consumers under the Tupperware brand name.

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