Shivom (OMX) Trading Up 28.9% This Week

Shivom (CURRENCY:OMX) traded 71.7% lower against the US dollar during the 1-day period ending at 12:00 PM E.T. on April 8th. One Shivom coin can now be purchased for $0.0004 or 0.00000004 BTC on popular exchanges including Kucoin, Coinsuper, IDEX and CoinBene. In the last seven days, Shivom has traded up 28.9% against the US dollar. Shivom has a market cap of $396,468.06 and $69.00 worth of Shivom was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Here’s how other cryptocurrencies have performed in the last 24 hours:

  • Chainlink (LINK) traded 2.7% higher against the dollar and now trades at $32.61 or 0.00056400 BTC.
  • THETA (THETA) traded 5.8% higher against the dollar and now trades at $13.11 or 0.00022672 BTC.
  • DREP (DREP) traded 21% lower against the dollar and now trades at $1.96 or 0.00003398 BTC.
  • DREP [old] (DREP) traded down 19.5% against the dollar and now trades at $1.96 or 0.00003399 BTC.
  • Coin (CRO) traded 7.2% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.20 or 0.00000347 BTC.
  • Aave (AAVE) traded 2.2% higher against the dollar and now trades at $368.05 or 0.00636628 BTC.
  • FTX Token (FTT) traded 6.8% higher against the dollar and now trades at $48.47 or 0.00083837 BTC.
  • Binance USD (BUSD) traded down 0% against the dollar and now trades at $1.00 or 0.00001732 BTC.
  • Holo (HOT) traded 7.6% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.0230 or 0.00000040 BTC.
  • Huobi Token (HT) traded up 4.5% against the dollar and now trades at $17.46 or 0.00030208 BTC.

Shivom Coin Profile

Shivom (CRYPTO:OMX) is a coin. Its launch date was June 5th, 2018. Shivom’s total supply is 3,000,000,000 coins and its circulating supply is 911,746,999 coins. Shivom’s official website is Shivom’s official message board is Shivom’s official Twitter account is @ProjectShivom. The Reddit community for Shivom is /r/Shivom.

According to CryptoCompare, “Shivom is a global blockchain-genomics ecosystem powering the next era of precision medicine. Shivom is building a genomic and health data hub by combining blockchain, genomic DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence and cryptography to power secure and personalized medicine. Shivom works on principles of collaboration and integrity, allowing users to own, manage and monetize their genomics and health data. The Shivom team aims to reach even underserved and low-income countries where such services have not been previously available. This solution will create shared value for individuals, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and for-profit entities alike. The platform users will be able to get their genome sequenced and securely stored, and the ecosystem will offer an open web-marketplace for providers to add their apps and services alongside advanced data analytics. Shivom has already partnered with the top developers and healthcare organizations.Technology companies and big pharma are already lining up to take advantage of the platform genomics and healthcare approach. The platform is truly pioneering in the way it utilizes blockchain technology, to protect, secure and monetize the donor’s DNA data to drive precision medicine and healthcare forward. Project Shivom Telegram:   “

Shivom Coin Trading

Shivom can be bought or sold on these cryptocurrency exchanges: IDEX, Kucoin, DDEX, CoinBene and Coinsuper. It is usually not currently possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies such as Shivom directly using U.S. dollars. Investors seeking to trade Shivom should first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as Gemini, Changelly or GDAX. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy Shivom using one of the exchanges listed above.

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