Norway plans to ban gas and diesel cars by 2025

Norway plans to ban gas and diesel cars by 2025It would appear that Norway wants its roads to be the cleanest and greenest, not only in Europe, but in the entire world. And it plans to do this by banning all gas and diesel-powered vehicles by the year 2025. That should bode well for companies such as Tesla, whose cars are more popular in Norway than in most other global markets.

This move isn’t exactly unusual in Europe, as French officials are planning to ban all diesels from Paris by the year 2020. But this is a far more overarching reform, should it push forward, as it covers all cars that aren’t electrified, hybridized, or anywhere close to being “green.” Intel from behind the scenes suggests that Norway’s four major political parties are mulling over the issue, but seem to have come up with some sort of agreement. That means there’s a chance we will be seeing more of the Tesla Model S and Toyota Mirai in Norway, while waving bye-bye to all gasoline-powered cars and diesels in the country in less than a decade from now.

It isn’t surprising either that Norway has the world’s highest number of electric vehicles per capita, and that the Tesla Model S is Norway’s best-selling EV, even if it’s a premium car that can easily cost buyers over $100,000 in the U.S., depending on the trim and options chosen. But with the Tesla Model 3 having arrived and expected to begin rolling out late next year, this could drive a boom period for the Palo Alto automaker, as well as companies that have their own hybrids and EVs and are hoping to penetrate more global markets.