Pennsylvania Woman Steals $192 of Similac Baby Formula

A woman in a Doylestown, Pennsylvania Acme store made off with 8 packages of Similac Infant Formula yesterday, allegedly.

The Central Bucks Police Department is collecting information related to the case. A security camera image of the suspect shows the female carrying a big black purse. She is wearing a black coat and black pants and wearing a gray scarf or headband. She was also wearing black shoes or boots. Not a lot to go on.

The baby formula was priced at $24 per container. Baby formula can be expensive these days almost regardless of the brand. But some babies need the specially chosen formulas for various health conditions. Some mothers are physically unable to breast feed. Others use formula for convenience as they are rushing off to work.

Mead Johnson Buyout

Baby formula is a big business. the Reckitt Benckiser group is scraping up $17 billion dollars to acquire the American company Mead Johnson who are one of the largest producers of baby formula, including the Enfamil brand.

According the NY Times, babies in china will account for most of the global growth in the infant nutrition market over the next 5 years. This is a disproportionate amount since China represents less than a third of the world population.

One factor driving the growth in the Chinese market is the government’s decision to relax the decades old mandate for families to only have one child. Foreign products do not always sell well in China. Sometimes the population is a little skeptical about food products produced outside of the homeland.