Saving the Planet is Just a Click Away

TOMS is best known for being a shoe manufacturer that gives away a pair of shoes for every pair sold.  They are known around the world for helping others in need, but they also have a way you can help yourself, and that’s by signing up for their affiliate program.  An affiliate program is an arrangement whereby, if a customer or visitor from your website clicks on a link and heads over to another website, you get a financial reward.

In some cases, you get paid a commission if a purchase is made, but in others, you get paid a small amount if the visitor fills out a contact form and becomes a sales lead.  With TOMS, when you put their links on your website, you earn money from purchases traced back to your site, and again, with each product sold a product is given, so there’s something in it for you and for others.  TOMS now offers bags, eyewear, and coffee as well as shoes, so there are more ways you can be part of the giving.

Crib shoes for babies is the latest innovative style in the TOMS shoe line up.  If you want to turn up the cuteness factor of your baby’s wardrobe, you only have to purchase a pair of TOMS tiny crib shoes and put them on their little feet.  These soft felt shoes are designed with a purpose, and come in a variety of colors and styles including soft grey flannel, vegan and canvas.  They are stylish, very well made, have great traction and fit the chubby little feet of the infants and toddlers they were intended for.

As always, when you buy a pair, the company gives a pair to a child in need.  For every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.  At one time, it was a pair of shoes for a pair given away.  Now that the company has added so many products to its merchandise lines, there is more opportunity to do good with the millions of dollars in sales.

July and August are the months during which most babies are born in the United States.  That means millions of people will be searching for baby gifts for baby showers or birthdays during the summer.  A cute pair of TOMS would be a great gift and hold up well as baby starts to ambulate.  Then, of course, you can buy another pair.

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