Sony is Gearing Up to Launch the Pikachu Smartphone

You might have seen plenty of Pikachu Sony phone cases over the years, but how about a Sony Smartphone bearing this very moniker? It sounds odd, but rumor has it that the Sony Pikachu is indeed a thing and is set to make its first official appearance soon enough.

Eagle-eyed observers spotted the mysterious device in a GFXBench benchmark listing over the weekend, which is expected to make its presence known at Mobile World Congress 2017. Of course, it’s highly unlikely the device will carry the same name when it hits the market – it’s simply the working name for the Sony G3112 (G31XX) or Sony G3221 (G32XX), so the grapevine suggests.

Sony is Gearing Up to Launch the Pikachu Smartphone

According to the information the benchmark listing details, the Sony Pikachu will feature 3GB of RAM, a 2.3GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6757 processor and an HD touchscreen of 5-inches. The party-piece of the device looks to be a 21MP shooter to the rear, complementing the 8MP front-facing camera and Android 7.0 Nougat in the driving seat. That being said, benchmark listings don’t always provide an accurate insight into the final device to expect, so all of this is of course subject to change.

Whatever it brings to the table, it’s suspected that the Pikachu could be one of SIX brand-new Smartphones Sony plans to turn up with in Barcelona. In case you missed it, the other devices are going by the working names of Yoshino, BlancBright, Keyaki, Hinoki and Mineo.

The annual Smartphone extravaganza is set to kick off once again in Barcelona at the end of the month, with Sony having confirmed an event for 8:30am CET where it is likely to announce the new arrivals.