Matthew Jenks has been writing since he was old enough to put a pencil to paper and draw lines with it.  An active and avid geocacher, he enjoys traveling and the outdoors, but also spends an inordinate amount of time reading and writing. He was born and raised in Indiana but now lives in North Carolina with his wife and their two irascible children. [email protected]

Anthony Bellafiore is currently a student at Pennsylvania State University completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and English. He is a reporter and columnist for the newspaper the Daily Collegian. He also focuses on publishing independent and freelance bodies of work. [email protected]

Hayley Millar is a freelance travel writer and reporter currently based in Europe. She has written for a number of news publications across Europe, Asia, and North America. [email protected]

Dr. Emily Schoerning is a science writer with a background in biology and education.  She is passionate about helping people understand the science that impacts their daily lives.  She lives in Iowa with her husband and their growing family. [email protected]

John Adams Jr. is a free-lance author and journalist born and raised in upstate New York.  He is currently living and writing in Saint Augustine, Florida where the temperature is a bit warmer and the lifestyle more relaxed.  The move has allowed John to broaden his range as a writer and he now lends his unique voice to everything from news and review articles in print and on the Web, to a broad range of eBooks and creative pieces.  John’s work is beginning to attract attention from a wide variety of readers, in many countries. [email protected]

Dee Baugher is a freelance internet journalist. She holds a degree in Professional Communications and enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction. She shares her Kokomo, Indiana home with her husband, her goofy dog Bear, and GC, the cat who thinks he’s a dog. [email protected]

Darlene League has been writing since the early 90’s. She has been published in the Herald-Citizen newspaper in her hometown of Cookeville Tennessee USA. Her writing for Intent to Win Writers includes educational eBooks, blogs, website articles, poetry, newsletters, and short stories. [email protected]



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