TD, PHH: Tuesday’s Interest Rates for Home Mortgages Nov 28, 2017

TD, PHH: Tuesday

PHH Mortgage

30 year loan deals are coming out at 4.125% at PHH Mortgage yielding an APR of 4.190%.  The short term, popular 15 year loan deals at the bank have been offered at 3.590% with an APR of 3.772%.  

10 year fixed rate mortgages stand at 3.590% with an APR of 3.853% today.  20 year loan interest rates have been listed at 3.875% today with an APR of 4.018%.  

The 5/1 ARMS are listed at 3.875% at PHH with a starting APR of 4.138%.  ARM loans in the 7 year category are coming out at 3.875% currently with an APR of 4.110%.  10/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages have been offered at 3.920%  showing an APR of 4.101%.  

Now on to Refinance Mortgage Rates

The best 30 year refinance loan interest rates are available starting at 3.50% at PHH and APR of 3.723%.  The shorter term 15 year refi loan deals are on the books at 2.75% carrying an APR of 3.239% today.  The 7/1 ARM loans are being quoted at 2.625% today with an APR of 3.141%.  

And now, PHH’s own stock ticker improved to 11.26 up +0.31%.