Thursday’s Rates for Home Mortgages at PHH Mortgage, Suntrust Aug 3, 2017


PHH Mortgage

The best 30 year fixed rate loan interest rates have been offered at 3.875% at PHH Mortgage carrying an APR of 3.913% today.  The short term, popular 15 year loan deals have been listed at 3.430% with an APR of 3.585% today.  

10 year fixed rate loans have been listed at 3.170% today and an APR of 3.395%.  The best 20 year FRMs have been offered at 3.810% with an APR of 3.930%.  

The 5/1 ARMS are 3.440% at PHH Mortgage and the APR is 3.886% on initial purchase.  ARM interest rates in the 7 year category are published at 3.580%  yielding an APR of 3.888% to start.  10/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages can be had for 3.790%  yielding an APR of 3.956%.  

Interest Rates for Refinancing Your Home

The benchmark 30 year refinance loan interest rates are being quoted at 3.50% at PHH Mortgage and APR of 3.723% today.  The shorter term, popular 15 year refi FRM interest rates have been offered at 2.75% and an APR of 3.239%.  The 7 year refi Adjustable Rate Mortgages are on the books at 2.625% today with an APR of 3.141%.  

Specifically, PHH Mortgage’s own stock price weakened to 13.78 down -0.58%.