Tips for the Living and the Undead Playing PUBG

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the hottest games around right now.  Its last-person-standing modus operandi triggers the adrenaline, and the randomness-based balancing system smacks you back at times.  But this fast-paced, battle royale shooter keeps you glued.  Being a first-timer or a new player can be overwhelming at times, but here are some tips for staying alive longer and lessening that learning curve.

Before You Start

A visually stunning game is great, but not when it makes gameplay harder.  With a higher setting, it is more likely that players will be hidden in the foliage and get the jump on you.  You don’t want that.  Go into the settings and adjust the foliage setting to low.

Jump Right In

You jump right into the early stage of the game, literally.  All players dive out of a plane to begin the game, so be mindful of the plane’s path because it will give you a sense of where players are landing on the map.  By using the plane’s path and the position of the first circle, you can determine where opponents will generally be coming from to get to the circle.  If you’re a newer player, you may not want to jump from the plane immediately.  Many players will enter the map as soon as possible, so there could be more opponents landing near you.

When jumping, you can point toward the ground to get there faster, with your chute deploying later than it would otherwise.  If you point toward the horizon, you’ll descend slower but be able to cover more ground and land farther from the plane’s path.

Loot Up

It’s kind of the fad now to chase that chicken dinner by playing the pacifist and not harming any opponents, but that’s a difficult path to victory.  When you hit the ground, search for loot immediately — cities and large compounds are great for looting.  Deciding what you need and looting quickly will be difficult at first, but it gets easier and quicker with experience.  The amount of items available for loot in PUBG is decent, but not overwhelming, so familiarize yourself with it all.

Be careful when approaching buildings.  The game starts with all doors closed, so if one is open, someone has opened it and may still be in or around the building.  Always close the doors you open so you don’t alert opponents to your presence.  Once in the building, you’ll be able to hear approaching people, even before they get to the door you remembered to close.  Before looting, clear the building so you aren’t jumped while rummaging through items.

Get a Ride

Finding a vehicle is the fastest way to get from one looting spot to the next.  Also, the faster you move across the map, the more time you’ll have for looting at your next stop.  Moreover, with some wheels and some meds, you don’t have to worry about the first circle.  Staying outside the circle early can give you more time to loot, but be sure not to get caught out there.

Vehicles become hindrances later in the game, so you may want to ditch the vehicle when the map is smaller and the vehicle’s noise will alert opponents to your arrival.

Pick Your Battles

During the middle stage of the game, don’t get in unnecessary gunfights; there will be plenty of that in the later stages.  Spend your time looting and preparing yourself for the action that will surely come.  When entering a circle, be mindful of where opponents will be entering from.  Coming from the least traveled direction will offer an advantage in securing a location near the middle of the circle.

As you near the halfway point of the game, looting areas will become a hotbed of activity where aggressive players await unsuspecting looters.  Avoiding these areas can keep you alive longer, but you’ll miss most of the intense action induced by this stage of the game.

When you do engage an opponent, don’t reflexively start spraying.  Find some cover and zig-zag to your destination.  Make it harder to be hit while you’re getting there.  If your opponent is not already behind cover you will have a big advantage.

Oh My Z

With the addition of zombie mode, the intensity of PUBG increases even more, but the tips for a solid round don’t really change.  What does change is that the hoard of zombies, who cannot equip any weapons or other PUBG items, gang up on the living with numbers that will make even the most ice-cold zombie hunter sweat.  Whether you’re human or zombie, stick together.

The Late Stage

If you make it to the waning minutes of the game, find your spot on the outer edge of the circle and get ready to hone your skills.  Keep an eye on the circle, move and setup.  The late stage of the game is where practice, skill, and sometimes a little luck make the difference between getting that coveted chicken dinner and being one.