Top 5 Technologies Revolutionizing eCommerce

Technology is helping business owners everywhere to make the most of their opportunities. It has the power to transform your eCommerce business and boost growth as a result. If you want to stay at the cutting edge of eCommerce, you need to consider getting these five revolutionary technologies for your business – both you and the customer will benefit!


The voice activation technology


Online shopping is a popular option and mobile phone shopping is becoming a top choice for many shoppers. For eCommerce websites to stay relevant, they need to put effort into their mobile shopping platform and to make the shopping experience easier.

One way of doing it is with the help of voice activation technology. This means your retail app would respond to the requests made by the shopper – no need to type or click things, as you could just shop with your voice. There are great software solutions available for this, such as Amazon Echo.


The progressive app


Since customers are looking to buy things online and on mobile, eCommerce sites need to focus on having apps for shoppers to use. Not just any kind of apps, but progressive web applications. These are mobile sites instead of traditional apps although they operate like a normal mobile app. The reason a website might be better than an app is that, surprisingly, most people download eCommerce apps but then stop using them. Check out software such as Enonic XP to understand more.


The engaging videos


You will also need to invest in technologies that allow you to make engaging videos because that’s the preferred content type for most consumers. Editing software like Adobe can be purchased for cheaper through VoucherBin and you can start editing videos that allow the shopper to click on them for instant purchases or hover over items to learn more about them.


The interactive chat


Shoppers often want to talk to a person when they are making big purchases. They don’t want to wait for answers or queue on the line forever to talk to someone – they want to chat. Facebook has introduced its Messenger Chatbots, which make interaction with the shopper responsive. The chatbots stimulate conversation and even keep an eye on the products the person is viewing to improve the discussion.


The deep learning technology


Finally, you should consider using deep learning technologies as part of your eCommerce site. It can be hugely effective in improving customer service and making the customer engagement feel more natural and meaningful. These software solutions use algorithms to learn what is happening on your site – it can understand what the shopper’s intentions are and as a result, improve your advertising. You’ll learn more about your customers and therefore, you are able to improve your marketing strategies. Google has a range of deep learning products available.


Technology is constantly changing but its importance to business only continues to grow. If you want to boost your eCommerce business and take it to the next level, you need to implement the above five technologies immediately.