Google Nexus 5 Software Update May Include Additional Smart Features for Google Now

Google Nexus 5 Software Update May Include Additional Smart Features for Google NowA software update (and by that, we don’t mean an upgrade of versions) should be rolling out soon for the LG-manufactured Google Nexus 5, and according to a report, the update would include new “smart” features for Google Now.

Wired claims in its report that “smart features” will be the focus of the software update, and fortunately, writer Matthew Honan went into deep detail into what those features are exactly.  Apparently, Google Now will become smarter when responding to users’ commands, and according to Honan, the software update should be “the real gravy.”  “One of those things is the ability to ask you questions — so you might say “text Jennifer” and it will reply ‘which Jennifer’” and then ask you to dictate the message,” he wrote. “It’s also going to get the ability to search inside applications, and launch them to complete tasks for you. So, you might search for a restaurant, and an option in the results shows up for OpenTable, which you’ll be able to fire up and make a reservation.

In addition to being smarter when texting people who share the same first name with others on one’s contact list, and searching inside apps for information, the Google Now update for the Nexus 5 will reportedly make use of location cues when dropping cards into Google Now; Honan’s example was providing geyser times for Yellowstone.  All this bodes very well for the Nexus 5 and its new software update, which should underscore how Google Now is more of a selling point on the new Google flagship than it is on other Android phones.