The Apple Watch Dominates The Booming Smartwatch Market

Apple launched its Apple Watch in the fall of 2014 and since then it has never published its unit sales and and it looks as though they never will particularly since Apple has recently made the decision to keep its iPhone sales numbers a well kept secret what with their struggles especially China.

In spite of this, executives at Apple say that their Apple Watch is a popular item in its wearables line and has grown in popularity over the last four years. 

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said in an interview in January of this year that all of its wearables sales, which include the Apple Watch, have far superseded the sales of its music player, the iPod, when the iPod was at its peak during 2004 when it sold over 2 million during the last quarter.

The NPD Group, a market research company based in Port Washington, New York reports that the smartwatch market is growing at an impressive rate and that the Apple Watch continues to dominate the industry.  The smartwatch market sales in the US alone jumped by 61%. Revenue figures from November of 2017 through November 2018 posted at $5 billion and, according to data collected, out of this 88% belongs to Apple, Samsung and Fitbit.

When the smart watches began to hit the market there were many who didn’t believe they would have a pertinent place of acceptance with the mainstream public.  Obviously, they judged too soon, what with the popularity of the smartwatches sold among millions of users over the last four years.  This was the comment made by NPD analyst, Weston Henderek in a recent press release.

Henderek also said that the tipping point for the increase in smartwatch sales happened when LTE was built into the watches so that users did not have to have their smartphones nearby.  Sales increased with consumer’s realization that they not only could have date, time, and weather info but they could have accessibility to notifications, messaging or even smart home controls for instance on their wrists with these convenient devices.

And with the development of apps for healthcare interests, sales for smartwatches have boomed. Smartwatches now can count your steps, help with cardiovasculardata during and after exercise, monitor your oxygen intake and notify you of any heart condition that could be detrimental to your well being and even save your life if you should have a fall.

In 2017 during the holiday season, the Apple Watch sales were record-breaking. According to Cook, Apple’s Watch and wearables line jumped 50 percent even more recently.