6 Reasons To Get A Google Home For Your Grandparents

One may think that those generations who have grown up with the internet would be the only ones adept at using the smart speaker, especially when we see our elderly parents or grandparents fumbling with their smartphones. 

However, there are good reasons to equip our older generation with smart speakers and other smart options mainly because they are easy to set up and use and make a great addition to any home.  Not to mention, the Google Home can be bought at Walmart for just $99.

Here are 6 reasons why smart speakers are good for our elderly folks.

First,they are easy to install and use.  And it’s also hands-free activation.  Once the system is installed, Google Home uses a straightforward, natural voice command for the user to interact with it.

This is important for people who have mobility issues, vision loss or reduced dexterity.  Once set up, voice commands can set timers, alarms, play music, set up a to-do list and a whole lot more.

Second, with the Google Home, elderly family members can interact with internet easily, especially if they are not used to doing so through a smartphone, tablet or computer.  

Instead they can easily access the latest news, weather updates, sports scores or even make purchases.

Third, your elderly parents or grandparents can stay in touch with their loved ones – you!  Google Home can call any number, especially in any emergency if they need help but are not able to get to a phone – voice activation could be a life saver. The only number that cannot be called is 911. And Google Home is a great way for elderly relatives to chat with family and friends through the speaker system.

Fourth, the Google Home is a great help around the house.  For instance, if purchased along with a smart light bulb or plug, your elderly parents or grandparents can give a simple voice command for ‘Google’ to turn their lights on and off hands-free…no more need to clap, or flick a switch if they aren’t able to.  And there are other features for appliances too.

Fifth, the Google Assistant which is built into the Google Home device has a great feature that will help the elderly as well as anyone else at home remember important information, acting like a personal archive.

By telling Google the information you want remembered like where your keys are or someone’s birthday, phone number or address or any other data, then later you can ask Google for that info and it will retrieve it for you just with the sound of your voice!

And sixth, Google Home will provide you and your elderly relatives with hours of entertainment.  

There would be hundreds of games to play with your voice that would be mind engaging along with classic games like Blackjack, Jeopardy which can be found in Google Homes’ 43 favorite home games.

Even audio books can be purchased and then streamed through the smart speaker and listened to for the elderly with vision loss!