Matt Taylor explains decision to end Rosetta mission

With the European Space Agency’s Rosetta project having come to a dramatic end, … [Read More...]

Microsoft might launch Surface all-in-one despite ostensible focus on Windows 10

Microsoft may only be focusing on Windows 10 in its press literature and invites … [Read More...]


Prices of legal marijuana in Colorado declined greatly this year

Legal marijuana appears to be considerably cheaper in Colorado these days, but … [Read More...]

Volkswagen engineer pleads guilty to role in emissions scandal

Longtime Volkswagen engineer James Liang pleaded guilty in federal court earlier … [Read More...]


FEC to put an end to Deez Nuts and his prank candidate ilk

The thought of a candidate called Deez Nuts running against Hillary Clinton and … [Read More...]

Norway plans to ban gas and diesel cars by 2025

It would appear that Norway wants its roads to be the cleanest and greenest, not … [Read More...]


Alzheimer’s charity walks attract thousands in UK and US

Over the past few days, there have been Alzheimer’s disease charity walks … [Read More...]

California anti-smoking reforms may cover e-cigarette taxes

California is known for its sun and its surf, and its easygoing culture and … [Read More...]

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